The Law Offices of Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts:

Need Benefits NOW? We Can Help.

We are disability lawyers who fight for working families in Akron, Canton Medina, and Ravenna, Ohio.

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The Law Offices of Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts:

Need Benefits NOW? We Can Help.

We are disability lawyers who fight for working families in Akron, Canton Medina, and Ravenna, Ohio.

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Our Lawyers Will Fight For You

Our 40+ years of experience will get you the benefits you’re entitled to under the Law.

With more than 40 years of experience and service, we know how to serve Ohio residents seeking disability benefits. We approach each case with vigor, expertise, and passion. We are open and honest with our clients from the very beginning, and we fight for working Ohio residents so they can receive the benefits they are owed under the law.

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Workers’ Compensation

If you have a work-related injury, let us help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

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Social Security Disability

We are social security disability lawyers pledged to protecting your rights.

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Veteran Disability Benefit Claims Ribbon

Veteran Disability Benefit Claims

Our VA disability lawyers are committed to guiding you to the service connected benefits you deserve.

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We are the most reliable experts in

Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, and Veteran Disability Benefit Claims

Our team knows the rules and regulations for Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, and VA Disability Benefits better than anyone else. Don’t waste your time with broken promises or confusion. If you’re searching for a workers comp attorney near me or a social security benefits attorney near me, we’ll get the job done. We’re the best in the industry because we are not afraid to fight for you, and we will get you what you are owed.

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Our team of disability experts fight for your right to get the benefits you are entitled to

If you’ve been searching for a workers comp attorney near me, look no further. We’re the leaders in the industry because we stand up for the advocacy of Ohio’s injured and disabled workers. Time is precious in disability cases, so DON’T WAIT. Call us today if you have been injured at work or are struggling with a medical disability. We’ll work fast to learn about your needs and expedite your disability claim.

Meet Our Team

You’re not just hiring a lawyer.

You’re hiring a team of people with decades of experience representing workers who have been injured at work, those applying for social security disability, and military veterans with service-connected disabilities.

Our disability lawyers are members of the Akron, Stark County, and Ohio State Bar Association, Summit County Association for Justice, Ohio Association for Justice, Worker’s Law and Justice Group, and the National Organization of Veterans Advocates.

Ohio State Bar Association, Summit County Association for Justice, Ohio Association for Justice, Worker’s Law and Justice Group, and the National Organization of Veterans Advocates

For almost as long as America has had people fighting in the armed forces, veterans have had problems with and complaints about not receiving the benefits they have earned. In 2010, legislation was created that once again paved a path for veterans and their families to fight for their benefits, and MGDP has been ready to assist veterans ever since.

Benefits for Veterans | VA Disability Lawyers Near Me Can Help

There are different kinds of benefits a US Veteran can apply for. Among these are life insurance, eligibility for being buried in Arlington Cemetery, health care, home loans, and more. The Veteran disability lawyers near me of MGDP specialize in disability claims for veterans.

What is VA Disability Compensation?

VA Disability Compensation is somewhat similar to workers’ compensation. If a Veteran is injured while on the battlefield or if an injury is made worse, he or she can be eligible for compensation. As with workers’ compensation, the application process is involved, and a lot of paperwork is required. If a client is dealing with a serious injury, physical or mental, this can all get overwhelming very quickly. Working with one of our attorneys who specializes in Veterans’ benefits will be extremely beneficial, and the dividends will be visible almost immediately.

Social Security Disability is a type of benefit available to individuals who are not able to work due to a serious physical or mental ailment. Navigating the application process and/or the appeals process can be highly complex, so it is beneficial to have disability lawyers by your side.

The first step in the Social Security Disability (SSD) process is to determine if you may be eligible. There are several stipulations that together determine whether someone can receive these kinds of benefits, and asking a disability lawyer to assist in streamlining the information required can be a great help.

In order to receive Social Security Disability benefits an individual must have:
• Worked at a job covered by Social Security
• Worked at the job recently
• Earned the appropriate number of work credits
• Meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of a disabled person

Even if someone feels strongly they meet all of the requirements, disability lawyers near me can advise early in the process whether the individual’s argument has any weak points. Identifying these potential problems early can save the individual a tremendous amount of time and money. MGDP disability attorneys understand the value this brings to our clients, which is why we are happy to offer free consultations.

Why Choose MGDP Disability Attorneys Near Me

We know there are many results when searching for “disability lawyer near me,” and we do not take it for granted a Northeast Ohio resident will select us to assist them. The most important differentiating factor we can offer is our experience. When looking for a disability lawyer near me, people want to find someone who is experienced, trustworthy, and approachable. MGDP has been helping Northeast Ohio with Social Security Disability benefits for more than 40 years, and we pride ourselves on our ability to take the stress out of the application or appeals process.

The Most Important Advice from A Disability Attorney

The advice we try to give people first and foremost when they are considering an application for SSD is to begin the process immediately. There is no requirement involving waiting for 12 months, and, honestly, any disability attorney near me will tell you the sooner you can begin the process the better your chances will be. Do not let feelings of intimidation about the process hold you back, or concerns about cost. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) | SSI Attorney Near Me

MGDP attorneys also can assist with any issues having to do with SSI, or supplemental security income. SSI is not dependent on how long or where you or family members worked, which is different from social security retirement benefits and SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance. To be eligible for SSI you need to be disabled or blind. There is a separate SSI for children. MGDP lawyers are happy to assist with any questions you may have regarding SSI, SSDI, and the difference between the two.

Workers’ compensation is a system of benefits for a worker who has been injured as a direct result of his or her job. Proving that an injury or an illness is the direct result of a job can be extremely challenging, and that is why it is best to work with workers’ compensation lawyers who can help you through the process. Winning a workers’ compensation case can result in disability benefits and missed wage replacement. At times, claims can be contentious, so it is important to have someone who will fight for your benefits. For over forty years, MGDP workers’ comp attorneys have helped defend people who are seeking workers’ compensation.

The Workers’ Compensation Process | Why You Need Worker Comp Attorneys Near Me

The first step in applying for workers’ compensation is to file a claim. Making the claim close to the event in question is important, as is providing any proof possible, such as video footage, witness testimonies, or medical reports about the injury. This is a great time to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer because it is difficult to think straight after an injury or during recovery. A task that might seem daunting under the best of circumstances can seem overwhelming when trying to file a workers’ compensation claim.

As workers’ comp lawyers near me, we suggest maintaining contact with a legal professional while your claim is being investigated. Sometimes there can be requests for additional paperwork, and you also can be assisted in documenting continuing effects of your illness or injury.

Ideally, the result will be that your workers’ compensation claim is approved. If this is the case, ensuring that you are compensated fairly is another hurdle to overcome. Again, the workers’ compensation attorneys at MGDP can help you work toward a favorable result from start to finish. Remember, an MGDP workers’ compensation lawyer will only be paid if you win your claim and the compensation is fair.

If your claim is rejected, then the appeal process begins. At this point, stress and emotions can be quite high, so working with a workers’ comp lawyer near me is highly beneficial. Knowing there is an expert with experience in your corner is in and of itself a great comfort for many clients.

Common Workers’ Compensation Claims | Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Help

How do you know when you should really fight for workers’ compensation benefits? You may be wondering if you’re entitled to benefits for your recent injury. What is the difference between an injury that should be claimed and one that should not?

The general rule of thumb, which is a good guideline to begin with, is if you need to pay a medical professional to assist you with your injury, you need to file a claim. This is not always the case, however. When all else fails, you should talk to your supervisor as well as a workers’ compensation attorney and gather as much information as you can. In almost all cases, it is beneficial to file a workers’ compensation claim as promptly as possible.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim and then waiting to hear back about your results can feel very intimidating, especially when you may already not be at your best. Call a workers’ comp attorney at MGDP today and we will guide you through the process with your best interests always top of mind.

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