The process is likely to proceed more quickly if you arrive at your conference prepared with certain information. Information that you will need includes:

  1. A Disability Form. These are available at your local Social Security office or online at the Social Security website. We will mail the client a disability form in the initial packet if we are handling the filing.
  2. Your Social Security number.
  3. The Social Security number of any dependants who will receive benefits.
  4. A certified copy of your birth certificate.
  5. Names, addresses and phone numbers of any doctors, hospitals, or other institutions who have evaluated and/or treated conditions associated with your disability.
  6. Dates of all visits to these care providers.
  7. A full doctor’s report that will satisfy the government’s proof requirements. This should be recent and should include a thorough discussion of injuries or illness that prohibit work, an explanation of work restrictions, and an explanation of whether or not the disability will last for a year or result in death.
  8. Names and dosages of any medications you are taking.
  9. All medical records associated with your disability.
  10. Any laboratory or testing results.
  11. A complete summary of all gainful work you have done in the past 15 years including names of employers, dates of employment, and descriptions of the type of work performed during the course of your employment with each given employer.
  12. A copy of your most recent W-2 form.